How do I delete a message from my Secure Portal?

You may need to delete messages sent to the wrong person. The search results will show if the email has already been opened so that the most appropriate action can be taken. This is separate from the sender recall feature.

To access the Expire Messages page:

  1. Log into ZixCentral.
  2. Select Email Encryption from the Hosted Services menu.
  3. Select Portal Management under the Email Encryption menu.
  4. Select the Manage button to the right of the desired portal name.
  5. Select the Expire Messages tab.
  6. Enter the Date, Sender, Recipient, and select the Searchbutton.
    Note: You can use “*” at the end of the sender or recipient’s address as a wild card. Meaning, “first.last*” is valid, but not “*last*” or “f*last*” The search may take several seconds to complete. While the search is running, there may be no visual indicators while the search is running.
  7. In the Results section, identify the email to be deleted.
  8. The results will show if the message has been “read” or “unread”. You may need this information for the your records.
  9. Select the desired email and select the Expire button.
  10. Once expired, you will also see a Successfully Expired Messages message. You may wish to take a screen shot of this for your records.
If you are unable to locate the email, it’s possible the message has already expired, or the recipient has already deleted it. You can use the ZixPort Encryption Reporting if you need to investigate further.