Transferring a call

While on an active call, you have a choice between “blind” or “attended” transfer of your call to another party. By default, the phone will perform an attended transfer.

blind transfer allows you to transfer a call without knowing the receiving party will be available to receive the call. An attended transfer allows you to verify the availability or consult with the receiving party before transferring the call.

To perform a blind transfer

  • Press the “Transfer” button on the phone then dial the extension or external number you wish to transfer the call then press the “BLINDTRNF” softkey to blind-transfer the call.

To perform an attended transfer

  • Press the “transfer” button on the phone, then dial the extension or external number. Once the party picks up, announce the call to the party, then press the “transfer” key. If the party doesn’t want the call to be transferred simply press the split key to go back to the original call.

To transfer to voicemail

  • To transfer a call to voicemail simply dial *95*EXT for example if you need to send to the voicemail of extension 1001 you would press the transfer key then