Install and configure Mobile App (Android)

This guide is for Android Devices Only for iPhone please click here

Please follow the steps below to download, install and configure our mobile app.

1 – Open your Play Store and search “Session Talk Cloud” and download

2 – Once downloaded open the app and allow all features (you must allow all or the app will not function properly).

3 – Now Press the QR Code button and scan your QR Code

4 – You should now be asked to let the app run in the background. You will need to ALLOW this

5 – If everything is correct you should now see a keypad and a green symbol at the top right (if the symbol remains red this means that we have been unable to register your account. Please contact support). We advise that you place a quick call to a cell or landline number as you will be asked to access the microphone for the first time. This just helps as if you don’t do it now, if you receive a call, the other party will not hear you until you have given permission.

6 – ¬†On android we must allow the app “Full Screen” Click the menu bar at the top left, then settings > then preferences. Now enable full screen. it will bring up another window saying Enable. Click this to take you to the system setting to enable.

7 – Scroll down to “Softphone” and click “allow display over other apps”

8 – Once down repeat step 6. This time it should just enable.

That’s it, you can now minimise the app and open up when you need to make a call. When you receive a call to your extension the app will automatically open up and ring like a normal call