Install and configure Mobile App (iOS)

This guide is for Iphone/iPad only for Android please click here

Please follow the steps below to download, install and configure our mobile app.

1 – Open your app store and search “Session Talk Cloud” and download

2 – Once downloaded open the app and allow all features (you must allow all or the app will not function properly).

If you have a QR Code please scan your QR Code and skip to step 5

3 – Now it will ask you for the provider ID and Password.

      Provide ID: tbgphone

Password: leave blank

      Now press Sign in

4 – now you will be asked to enter your TBG Cloud VoIP credentials and server/subdomain details. Please contact support if you don’t have these and one our techs will send you the details needed.

5 – If everything is correct you should now see a keypad and a green symbol at the top right (if the symbol remains red this means that we have been unable to register your account. Please contact support). We advise that you place a quick call to a cell or landline number as you will be asked to access the microphone for the first time. This just helps as if you don’t do it now, if you receive a call, the other party will not hear you until you have given permission.

Thats it, you can now minimise the app and open up when you need to make a call. When you receive a call to your extension the app will automatically open up and ring like a normal call