Freedom2Roam VPN

Before you can connect to the school VPN you will need to contact us so that we can get the client installed. Once you have the software installed you can follow the below guide to connect to the school network.

In order to connect to the network, you will need to use the Start menu to launch the Cisco AnyConnect software.

On a Mac, simply locate it in your applications and launch the software from there.

Launch the client and click connect. (The same process must be performed on Mac and Windows). The icon in the system tray will look as arrowed.

For schools on the ‘Inside London Cloud’ please access:

For schools on the ‘Outside London Cloud’ please access:

You will be prompted to enter your login details.

If you are associated with more than 1 school, by default, after logging in you will see only the settings that apply to the school that is recorded in USO as your main school.

To use the settings for any other establishment to which you may be linked, you should add the “@” symbol followed by your 7-digit DFE code after your username. This would appear as follows:


For example, a user whose USO account is jsmith553.998 who has a secondary association to a school with the DFE code of 998-5555 would enter:

jsmith553.998@9985555 to access the settings associated with that school

Please note you will need to full 7 digits of your DFE code after the “@” despite it already being included in your username.

You are now connected to the school network and should be able to access your resources as if you was in the school