How to use Call Parking

Call parking as a feature we have on our phone system that allows you to place a call in a holding area. This will allow another user to be able to pick up the call.

We have 9 Parking spots

Name Extension
Park 1 701
Park 2 702
Park 3 703
Park 4 704
Park 5 705
Park 6 706
Park 7 707
Park 8 708
Park 9 709

To use this feature simply transfer a call to the parking spot and let the person who needs to retrieve the call the parking slot you have used. For example.

Jane calls in to reception and needs to be speak with Dave in accounts. The receptionist will then transfer the call to parking slot 1 by transferring the call to 701. Now Jane is sitting in the parking slot listening to some on hold music. The receptionist now calls Dave and informs him Jane is in Park 1.

Dave can now dial 701 to retrieve the call.

What happens if Dave is not available or Dave doesn’t want to take the call?

Well the receptionist can dial 701 to retrieve the call to inform Jane that Dave is not available and can take a message or forward to Daves voicemail.

Simple right?

Now there is something to point out. Parking slots can be used by multiple staff. Its key you don’t send 2 callers to the same parking slot. We advice you to assign a parking slot to a user or group of users.

If you require more assistance with this then please do reach out to our support.